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Top 10: Best Video Games for Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Top 10: Best Video Games for Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Maximize your gaming experience and reduce eye strain with gaming glasses. Discover the top 10 video games suited for these glasses and how they can help!
Blue Light and Kid's Eyesight: Why Gaming Glasses are Essential

Blue Light and Kids' Eyesight: Why Gaming Glasses are Essential

Discover the benefits of blue light blocking glasses for kids who play video games. Protect their eyes and enhance their gaming experience with this essential accessory.
Blue Light and Insomnia

Blue Light & Insomnia: How to deal with them?

Here are some tips for dealing with insomnia, a very common problem for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens, which emit too much blue light.
Gamer playing video games

Are Video Games Good for the Eyes?

Many video games in which the player becomes an action hero act as a training ground for the eye: it learns to differentiate contrasts more accurately.
Blue Light Screens Eye

Is Blue Light from Screens Harmful?

Let’s take a look at what blue light from screens is, the potentially harmful effects it can have on our body as well as the solutions to protect our eyes.
Eye Strain types

Eye Strain from Screens: What to do?

Do your eyes hurt when you stay in front of a screen for a long time? Does your vision deteriorate after long sessions in front of your TV or computer?