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Gamer playing video games

Are Video Games Good for the Eyes?

Many video games in which the player becomes an action hero act as a training ground for the eye: it learns to differentiate contrasts more accurately.
Blue Light Screens Eye

Is Blue Light from Screens Harmful?

Let’s take a look at what blue light from screens is, the potentially harmful effects it can have on our body as well as the solutions to protect our eyes.
Eye Strain types

Eye Strain from Screens: What to do?

Screen user with dry eyes

Do Screens Cause Dry Eyes?

Is blue light really dangerous? Can screens cause dry eyes?In this article, we explain when blue light should be avoided and if screens cause dry eyes.
Gaming Glasses

Are Gaming Glasses Worth It?

Gaming glasses, that can make you experience less visual fatigue especially during long gaming sessions, are becoming more and more popular amongst gamers.
Why Choosing Glasses with a Blue Light Blocking Filter?

Why Choosing Glasses with a Blue Light Blocking Filter?

Glasses with a blue light blocking filter have become particularly useful and appreciated by many people spending lots of time in front of their screens.