How to choose your blue light blocking glasses?

How to choose your blue light blocking glasses?

That's it, you have just passed a milestone: you have decided to buy a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Being informed of the different risks due to exposure to blue light, you are convinced that protecting yourself is essential. 

However, you are doing your research and you have no idea which pair or brand to choose. You are spoilt for choice but have no idea of the different characteristics or properties of the different pairs that are available to you. 

You are probably asking yourself: "Is this pair suitable for my eyesight?", "Should I choose tinted or clear lenses?", "Does this pair works for every type of digital devices?"

In this article, we will guide you to know everything and make the right choice for your new pair of blue light glasses. 

Set a budget

budget blue light blocking glasses

You are surely aware that protecting your eyes from blue light inevitably has a cost. The first step is to establish your own budget before buying a pair. 

It is essential to keep in mind that really cheap blue light blocking glasses are not as efficient as expected, and don't really block blue light (some of them are just reading glasses or anti reflective glasses).

At GMG Performance, we offer a variety of blue light glasses, starting at $49.90 USD. 

The filtering rate 

blue light glasses

If you have decided to protect yourself from blue light from screens, it is likely that you have been informed of its dangers. Headaches, visual fatigue, digital eye strain, sleep disorders, disruption of circadian rhythm, AMD (age-related macular degeneration), cataracts ... We no longer count effects of blue light! Wearing blue light glasses has become essential nowadays to protect from different light sources.

The first characteristic that you will have to choose will be obviously the rate of filtering of the glasses of your pair of glasses. The higher the filtering rate, the more blue light will be filtered. It goes without saying that you will have to choose a high filtering rate if your first wish is to enjoy an optimal protection. Your choice may also depend on the number of hours you spend per day in front of digital devices

In general, a truly effective pair of glasses has a minimum filtration rate of 20%. Below that, the light is not filtered enough, so your lenses will not be truly effective. 

At GMG Performance, we offer anti-blue light glasses with different filtering rates.

Our GMG Performer collection has a 40% filtering rate. Note that these pairs are equipped with yellow tinted lenses. 

All our other eyewear models, GMG Optimizer, GMG Osiris and GMG Oranos, have a filtering rate of 25%. Their lenses are transparent. 

Clear or tinted lenses? 

clear or tinted lenses

One of the main criteria to take into account concerning your future pair of blue light blocking glasses will obviously be the lens color. On the market, there are usually 2 types of lenses: clear lenses and tinted lenses (usually yellow).

Often, yellow tinted lenses have a higher filtering rate than clear lenses. 

But the main difference between these two types of lenses is the perceived color.

If you are a gamer or a designer and want to keep the perceived colors as such, it is recommended to choose a pair with clear lenses.

If your priority is to protect yourself from blue light and you don't mind the perceived yellow tint, then you can opt for yellow lenses. 

Choose the right materials for your frame 

frame materials glasses

You are probably looking for a pair that is durable and will last a long time. That's why it's well worth looking at the materials that make up the different pairs.   

On the market, frames are made from the following materials:  

  • Acetate: recommended by most opticians, it is one of the most requested materials when it comes to protecting your eyes with a solid and comfortable pair. Acetate has become a much more versatile material and is now widely used for designer frames, offering excellent durability compared to many other materials.
  •  Plastic: This is the least expensive material. Ideal if you have a small budget, it does have some drawbacks: unsuitable for humidity, sweat, cold and hot weather. The choice of colors is however more consistent with plastic frames.  
  •  Nylon: commonly used for eyeglass frames, it is a durable material that can withstand different temperatures, whether hot or cold.
  • Titanium: Very light, yet strong and corrosion resistant, it is one of the most expensive materials you will find on the optical market.  

Combine style with efficiency

GMG Performance

If the aesthetics of your pair is important to you, consider that there are many different shaped frames available from different brands. 

If you are used to wearing pairs with a certain shape, we offer different designs in our collections. 

Some pairs, like our GMG Osiris with their round shapes, have a rather trendy design, combining style and efficiency perfectly. 


Choosing the right pair of blue light glasses obviously requires establishing several specific criteria, such as the filtering rate, your screen time, the style of the pair or the frame materials. Also, be sure to read a brand's customer reviews before making your choice. 

It is therefore essential to take this list of criteria into account so that you are satisfied with your purchase, and that you enjoy the best blue light glasses on the market, and for a long period of time.

Getting a pair of blue light blocking glasses is always a good investment, wether you are gamer or just a person using a computer everyday. It will help you prevent all the danger of blue light, and help you fall asleep quicker.

If you are wearing prescription lenses or prescription glasses, keep in mind that some blue light blocking glasses can provide some prescription lenses.