Best PC Gaming accessories

Best PC Gaming accessories

Video games are your passion. You spend hours trying to perform on your favorite game to reach the top of the ranking. Your PC gamer is your war machine. However, all PC gamers need good battle companions as a video game enthusiast, as a good gaming monitor with a high resolution is not enough for a perfect gaming setup.

Feel like you're not performing at your best and not getting 100% out of your gaming experience? Good news: this article is for you.

We've listed all the must-have PC gaming accessories so you can play in the best conditions with your gaming laptop. 

Gaming chair: for maximum comfort  

Gaming chair

 It goes without saying that playing video games on a PC requires a sitting position (unless you're a fan of Just Dance or virtual reality games...) and that it is important that your back be supported in the best possible way.

 What's worse than spending long hours bent over in front of your screen while sitting on a dining table chair? 

If the seat is not comfortable and your back is not properly supported, there is a chance that you will develop sciatica as you work.

 The most common problem is specifically related to not having your lumbar resting against the backrest. You should know that sitting with your back inches away from your chair is extremely bad.

 Gamer chairs have the particularity of having a backrest that covers the entire back, for maximum comfort, and also to avoid any type of back problem.

 The head cushions are also one of the great strengths of gaming chairs: most of them are memory foam and your head will never have been so well positioned. 

 A multitude of adjustments are available on most gaming chairs for a better experience (even the entry-level ones): height adjustment, armrest adjustment, and some models of chairs have a built-in footrest, allowing for leg stretching and a relaxing position.

Gaming headset: watch out for the slightest sound

Gaming headset

During your online games, the slightest suspicious noise can reveal many things: an approaching enemy, a downed ally, a bomb ready to explode... In short, not paying attention to detail can have many disadvantages on your game performance.

Gamer headset is obviously a must-have for any gamer looking for the best score and providing the best surround sound.  

Unlike traditional wired or Bluetooth headphones, gaming headsets offer optimal sound accuracy, calibrated for video games. In addition, many ranges offer headsets with a built-in microphone (more commonly known as a "headset microphone"), allowing you to communicate with your gaming partners, and therefore get a better response time. 

 It is recommended that you get a wired gaming headset, as the Bluetooth functionality of wireless headsets can result in a small amount of communication latency, which can be annoying in some situations. In addition, most wired headsets do not require recharging, which is not insignificant when it comes to playing for several hours. 

Gaming mouse: for the comfort of your hands

gaming mouse

 It's no longer a secret: your mouse is one of your main weapons for your gaming sessions. It is therefore essential to get a mouse that combines comfort and ergonomics.

A classic mouse will unfortunately not be suitable for playing video games, as it was not designed for this purpose.

Gaming mice will make the difference thanks to their numerous features for greater comfort and handling: dynamic pressure system, customizable buttons, precision and optimal responsiveness…

Gaming mice are designed to make your hand as comfortable as possible. You should therefore choose a model that fits the size of your palm. 

The accuracy of your mouse is generally related to the quality of the optical sensor underneath it. 

Gaming mice come in wired and wireless versions. Wired mice are generally more affordable, as they do not require the purchase of separate batteries.  Wireless mice are more interesting in terms of freedom of movement (just like wireless controllers for consoles).

If you are not a mouse fan, you can also get a gamepad that can be connected to your PC.

XXL Mouse Pad: for more precision

Gaming mouse pad

If you are a fan of FPS like Call of Duty or Battlefield, it is essential to have a clear space for your mouse, in order to get wider views during your games and enjoy a very large range of motion.

A small mouse pad will fatally restrict you when you play, even if it's only when you're about to make wide movements.

Fortunately, there are large mouse pads that allow you to move freely.

The materials of the mouse pads can vary according to the range: fabric, memory foam...

Generally speaking, the smoother the surface, the faster your mouse will move, which can have a significant impact, especially if you are a FPS fan.

It is recommended to have a non-slip base for maximum precision, and some are equipped with a wrist rest, lighting, or customizable designs.

Gaming keyboard: reactivity and ergonomics

gaming keyboard

 The gaming keyboard is a must for PC gamers. Unlike a classic keyboard, it offers a much more efficient response and many features that will make your games more enjoyable.

 There are three categories of gamer keyboards: 

  • The chiclet keyboard: for flat and spaced keys. It has the particularity of being quieter than the other types of keyboards. 
  •  The membrane keyboard: the most economical. The keys are less spaced than the chiclet keyboard.
  • The mechanical keyboard: the most common among gamers. It is fast, precise, and offers many options depending on the range.

 As you can see, it's better to choose a mechanical keyboard if you are fond of long gaming sessions. 

The mechanical switches will provide you a better precision.

Some keyboards offer a backlight feature, so you can see your keys much more clearly and play in the dark. 

Blue light blocking glasses: the ally of your eyes and your sleep

blue light glasses

Playing video games for long hours can have serious consequences on your vision and sleep. 

Computer screens (and especially all LED technologies) project continuous blue light, which is very harmful to your brain. 

The symptoms due to the exposure of your eyes to blue light can't even be counted: sleep disorders, headaches, eye fatigue...

That's why it is essential to protect your eyes during your gaming sessions. 

Blue light blocking glasses are composed of lenses that filter blue light, sometimes at different filtering rates. They filter blue wavelengths from all digital screens. Some have tinted lenses (mostly yellow), and others have clear lenses.

At GMG Performance, we offer a wide range of anti blue light glasses, designed for gamers!


As you can see, acquiring all these PC gamer accessories will be essential to play and climb your rankings. As you probably know, a mouse and a keyboard are not enough for an ultimate gaming setup. Even if it requires a significant investment, each of these accessories will help you perform better and you will enjoy a much more pleasant gaming experience. 

In addition, many of these accessories can also be compatible with other consoles such as the Xbox One or PS4.