Are blue light blocking glasses effective?

Are blue light blocking glasses effective?

Knowing if the anti blue light gamer glasses are effective or not is interesting but to know it, it is essential to look directly at the blue light and how it can be problematic.

What is Blue Light?

First of all, the idea that blue light only comes from screens is wrong.

Blue light is reflected naturally by the sun. This blue light is itself composed of several colors of light, through red, indigo, and violet.

As a human being, it is impossible for us to discern these colors because they mix together to form a white light. Knowing that the light seems white, it is immediately more complicated to know if our eyes are exposed to this blue light.

As we can see from this color spectrum, blue light is present right next to UV light. (Note that both have negative effects on the eyes)

Sunlight Spectrum

We might think as an evidence that blue light is only negative.

However, the reality is, as is often the case, quite different. Blue light has some undeniable benefits.

It can help you feel more awake and attentive. 

It can also improve your mood, and it's the same light that is emitted by the sun and makes us feel better, unlike the sometimes gray and gloomy days of winter.

Blue light is essential for us to feel healthy and happy.

The problem is also often there, in the extreme and in the extravagance.

When you spend too much time looking at a screen, you increase your eyes' exposure to blue light. 

The fact is, too much exposure to blue light on eyes that are not adapted to it can quickly turn out to be a problem, especially in the long run.

When it occurs in abundance or for a long period of time, it can lead to visual fatigue, otherwise known as eye strain, as well as concentration difficulties.

Many studies have shown that too much exposure to blue light can also cause eye disease such as cataracts, or age-related macular degeneration, most often leading to blindness.

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time in front of screens, whether it's a computer, a phone and other electronic devices. They are found both in our personal activities and in our daily work. Simply put, it's hard to reduce our screen time!

The effectiveness of blue light blocking glasses

Many people may consider blue light glasses because of the many indications that they may have symptoms of digital eye strain when using they are in front of their digital screens / digital devices.

According to a study conducted by researchers at Indiana University, a scientific evidence showed that wearing anti blue light gamer glasses before sleeping can significantly improve sleep. It was noted that this could greatly improve the day itself and thus the mood of the person concerned.

Blue light is one of the main cause of digital eye strain. When we spend a number of hours in front of screens, eye strain can occur and make us more tense, on edge.

In addition, your eyes are constantly shifting focus when you're in front of a screen, and sitting too close to the screen can significantly strain your eye muscles as they try to focus on such a close image.

If you wear eyeglasses, reflections off the screen you are looking at or on the lenses of your glasses from surrounding light sources (such as bright office lights or a nearby window) can also cause your eyes to squint and fatigue.

It is widely advised that we all should avoid blue light emitting at least an hour before bed.


Despite the fact that there is no abundance of studies concerning the potential efficiency of anti blue light glasses, there is nevertheless some proof that a real change is notifiable when you wear these glasses for computer / screen.

The best proof is obviously the number of gamers or streamers who saw in these glasses for screens a kind of lifesaver, allowing them to spend tens or even hundreds of hours, thus a prolonged exposure in front of their screen, without damaging their eyes.

Many of them are full of praise for this type of glasses and recommend them, indicating that they have changed many things, starting with the quality of their sleep, as well as their concentration in general.

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