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GMG Performer

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🔘 Have you ever had eye pain in front of a screen?

🔘 Have you ever been assaulted by the brightness of a computer?

🔘 Have you ever had trouble falling asleep after spending time in front of a screen?

It is because of the blue light
Blue light is massively produced by computer screens, tablets, televisions and smartphones:
Numerous reports and scientific works such as those of Dr. Petra Kunze, the Beaver Dam Eye Study or the American Vision Council show that blue light:

❌ Represents a real risk for the retina, it causes accelerated age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Destroys melatonin (a hormone that promotes falling asleep) and deprives you of a restful sleep

Leads to a significant decline in eyesight over the years

❌ Causes headaches 

❌ Make screen brightness more aggressive

❌ Worsens dry eyes


Blue light becomes dangerous when the eye is exposed for more than 2 hours a day in front of a screen:

A gamer spends an average of six hours in front of a screen every day. He is thus 3 times more exposed to blue light than the limit bearable for the eye:

So too much exposure to screens puts our health at risk, and we all know it:

Health is the most precious thing we have.

This is why it is essential for a video game enthusiast to wear blue light blocking glasses.

"If you can't do without your screens, get blue light glasses". HuffPost, September 6, 2018.

GMG Performance is the leader in gaming blue light glasses

We have designed a model that is perfectly suited to gamers: The « GMG Performer »
Their lenses are equipped with a technology filtering blue light HEV as well as UVs:

Our glasses allow you to:

✅ Protect your eyes from blue rays

✅ Improve your focus

✅ Optimize your in-game performance 

✅ Encourage your eye reflexes

✅ Alleviate your visual fatigue

✅ Preserve the quality of your sleep

✅ Reduce the risk of AMD and cataracts

✅ Block aggressive screen brightness

✅ Maintain the quality of your vision over the long term

GMG Performers are manufactured from high-quality components. They are ergonomic, lightweight and compatible with gaming headphones.

🔘To say goodbye to eye strain

🔘Goodbye to the aggressive brightness

🔘Goodbye to insomnia

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